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Lexington, Kentucky (May 3, 2017) From their inception in the rolling hills of Tredozio, Italy in 1924, Fratelli Fabbri’s vision of producing handcrafted, exceptionally fitting
We are so proud to support such good riders, Nick Skelton and Peder Fredricson, that respectively won gold and silver medal in the Olympics
28-31 January This year, F.lli Fabbri will be doing Amsterdam Show Jumping show,
WEF brings a legendary picture in Fabbri's history, the owner and main creator of Fabbri Boots shakes hands with an English
January 13 - April 3 2016 Come and visit us! 😀
Washington Dc Horse Show is coming next!
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Nuovo video ITA promo della Stivali Fabbri - con sottotitoli ENG - , realtà italiana di eccellenza nel panorama internazionale specializzata nella produzione di stivali da equitazione e calzature in pelle. Il metodo di lavorazione artigianale a mano, l'impiego di materiali di altissima qualità totalmente made in Italy,
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Stivali Fabbri – eccellenza ed eleganza senza tempo
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Promo Stivali Fabbri – English – Full


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