Fratelli Fabbri turns 100!

Join us in celebrating 100 years of fabbri. Producing the finest equestrian boots in the world

 Today we are proud to celebrate with our Fabbri Family, 100 years of Fabbri Boots! 

Founded in 1924, Fabbri Boots has become a symbol of quality, innovation, and style in the equestrian world. The centenary marks a significant milestone in the company’s history, reflecting a legacy of tradition and excellence passed down through generations.

Celebrating a Century of Craftsmanship

For 100 years, Fabbri Boots has been dedicated to producing the finest equestrian boots, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Each pair of boots is handcrafted in Tredozio, Italy, using the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. This commitment to excellence has earned us a loyal customer base among professional riders and equestrian enthusiasts worldwide.

Global Celebration Events

Throughout the year, Fabbri Boots will host a series of campaigns and activations to celebrate its centenary with customers, partners, and the equestrian community. Highlights includes:

  • Centenary ambassador campaign: With our roster of fantastic riders, from Olympic gold medalists, to Rolex winners, we proudly celebrate our centenary together.
  • Exclusive Competitions: Running multiple competitions worldwide, offering special prizes and promotions to participants, growing the global Fabbri Family.
  • Exhibition Tour: A branded exhibition showcasing the evolution of Fabbri Boots, featuring vintage models, craftsmanship demonstrations, and insights into the brand’s history, hosted at Fireacavalli Verona 2024.

Message from the Managing Director, Diego Zambon

“We are immensely proud to celebrate 100 years of Fabbri Boots,” said Diego Zambon, MD of Fabbri Boots. “This milestone is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and our passion for the equestrian sport. We look forward to honoring our heritage, celebrating with our loyal customers, and continuing to innovate for the future.”

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