Fratelli Fabbri at HEY WEF 2018 & LGCT Mexico City

Wellington, FL & Mexico City, Mexico (March 25, 2018)

From center stage at the upscale inaugural HEY WEF 2018 to the international stage during the first Logines Global Champions Tour competition in Mexico City, Fratelli Fabbri is celebrating the official launch of their 100% vegan boots and the victories of members of the #FabbriFamily across the globe. With nearly 100 years of handcrafted Italian leather working tradition and a flair for modern elegance, Fabbri’s multifaceted legacy continues to evolve in providing cutting edge, performance focused riding boots.

Palliot Equestrian’s contemporary winter retreat set the stage for the inaugural HEY WEF event, where a selection of the equestrian world’s most elite brands were showcased while some of the best and brightest of the industry mixed and mingled. Fabbri earmarked the event as the official launch of their VEG boot, a 100% animal product free performance riding boot. Among the attending were Fabbri CEO Luca Proscia, Zofia Koller Proscia, and direct from Italy, Fabbri’s owners and creative directors Francesco Valentini and Katia Giannotti Valentini, as well as a number of Fabbri’s sponsored riders including Lillie Keenan and pony champion Kat Fuqua. In addition the Fabbri VEG boot was on full display, as were some of its leather counterparts.

The VEG boot was the brainchild of Katia Giannotti Valentini, who along with Francesco Valentini sought to streamline the Fabbri name and brand to be more eco-friendly. The result of years of trial and error testing, the boot’s vegan materials are exceptionally resilient and beautiful, keeping to Fabbri’s strict standards. Supple yet durable, the VEG’s antimicrobial properties, sleek elegance, and exceptional fit usher in a new era for the riding boot.

Stunning double clear efforts from the Irish duo of Michael Duffy and Denis Lynch clinched victory for the Miami Celtics in the opening leg of the 2018 Longines Global Champions Tour. Duffy, a member of Fabbri’s family of sponsored riders, stepped up to the podium with Fabbri boots on his feet and a sombrero on his head to celebrate the win.

As the one of the Celtic’s U25 riders, Duffy proved his worth aboard EFS Top Contender after a competitive first round. Both he and fellow Irishman Denis Lynch had back to back clears to put the pressure on the remaining teams, which proved too powerful to overcome. Duffy and his Miami Celtics teammates now turn their attention to the next leg of the LGCT competition, April’s LGCT Miami Beach.

In 2012 at only 17-years-old, Duffy was the youngest ever Senior Irish National Champion and has multiple wins and top placings at a variety of international shows, including the CSI 4 Abu Dhabi and Dubai, CSI 5 LGCT Hamburg, CSI 4* Hickstead, Palm Beach Florida, and Oliva Nova, Spain.

Duffy, whose love for Fabbri stems from the boots’ fit and performance, also has the honor of being the owner of Fabbri’s unofficial mascot, an adorable French bulldog appropriately dubbed Fabbri Frank.

Ordering Fabbri’s VEG boots is as simple as ordering their Pro Boot or custom Fabbris. With an estimated 20-25 days of manufacturing time, Fabbri riders typically receive their boots within three weeks, including custom orders. With fitters and retailers on four continents and shipping worldwide, getting the world’s first vegan riding boot couldn’t be easier.

Each Fabbri boot is crafted in Italy through a traditional, handworked system. Fabbri’s principal technical characteristic is adaptability. Each sole is cut either to custom specifications or with the intent of molding to the rider’s foot, so that each boot settles perfectly and immediately to the shape and movement of the leg, heel, and foot of the rider. Even on non-custom orders, Fabbri’s sole stands apart: cut thinner than a standard, off the rack riding boot, the Fabbri soles reflect the comfort and cushioning of an athletic shoe combined with hand-stitching and strong, supple Italian leather to create the ultimate riding boot.

From international show jumping veterans like multiple Olympic medalist Nick Skelton, to rising stars in the sport like Lillie Keenan and Daisy Farish, Fabbri’s fit and performance has made them the first choice, with some of the world’s top Olympic and World Champion riders stepping into Fabbri before they step into the irons. Fabbri’s commitment to performance, luxury, and style is reflected in the achievements of its riders and a dedication to modern excellence.

For more information about Fabbri or to schedule a fitting, contact Luca Proscia at or 561 460 2473.

For more information on Fratelli Fabbri, their line of handcrafted Italian boots, or their sponsored riders, visit the Fabbri website at or follow them on Facebook (@fabbriboots) and Instagram (@fabbriboots).

Holly Johnson

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