More than luxury. excellence.

The boots that adapt to your foot and leg

A story that begins in 1924, with the creation of the first Fratelli Fabbri boots: since then, our passion for creating high-quality handmade products has remained unwavering, using the same crafting traditional methods.

Fratelli Fabbri boots are individually handcrafted, following a completely artisanal production process: the meticulous crafting techniques employed, ensure an innovative product of excellent qualityknown for its technical and construction characteristics.

One of the key strengths of Fratelli Fabbri boots is their ability to adapt to the rider’s foot and leg: after a brief settling period, they mold perfectly to the wearer’s leg, providing maximum comfort and optimal performance.

The exclusivity of Fratelli Fabbri products is reinforced by the careful selection of materials used in their production: some types of leather are specially tanned for Fratelli Fabbri boots and undergo regular laboratory tests to preserve their original characteristics over time, without undergoing alterations.
All components of Fratelli Fabbri boots are entirely natural: no plastic or synthetic materials are used, that may cause perspiration and fatigue with prolonged use.

Fabbri products are a guarantee of a high level of hygiene and freshness.

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