I nostri cavalieri

The Fabbri Family is a collection of riders who have chosen a history, who have chosen quality, who have chosen style and innovation developed over the past 100 years. Our knights represent the pinnacle of equestrian sport, and we are proud to have them representing us.
Carefully selected based on an elite criteria, our ambassadors are our family, and in every step they take on their journey we are there to support them. We are the Fabbri Family.

For ambassador enquiries, please email ambassadors@fabbriboots.com.


Ben Maher (GB)

Edouard Schmitz (SW)

Shane Breen (IE)

Viktor Bettendorf (LX)

Willem Greve (NL)

Louise Saywell (UK)

Kevin Babington (IE)

Leopold Van Asten (NL)

Eugénie Angot (FR)

Timothée Anciaume (FR)

Trevor Breen (IE)

Mathijs Van Asten (NL)

Lisa Nooren (NL)

Jesper Romp (NL)

Ruben Romp (NL)

Nord America

Brian Moggre (US)

Kat Fuqua (US)

Ali Wolf (US)

Adrienne Sternlicht (US)

Angel Karolyi (YV)

Annie Peavy (US)

Lillie Keenan (US)

Shawn Cassidy (US)

Lauren Hough (US)

Meghan O’Donoghue (US)

Resto del mondo

Tsuyoshi Ueno (JP)

James Paterson-Robinson (AUS)

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