Fabbri Unveils First Vegan Riding Boot

Wellington, FL (February 9, 2018)

Orange never looked so green: the first ever 100% vegan riding boots are officially on the market! Building on a long tradition of classic style and modern innovation, Fratelli Fabbri announced its completely animal product-free performance riding boots, known as the Fabbri VEG, in early 2018, and they join Fabbri’s line of equestrian footwear, including their popular Pro Boots and fully custom designs. Despite their unique construction and never before used materials, the Fabbri VEG boot maintains the sleek elegance, traditional craftsmanship, and long wearing comfort and performance that has become the hallmark of the Fabbri name.

As part of the brand’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint while increasing actual Fabbri footprints in show and training arenas around the world, the Fabbri VEG boots are crafted from faux leather and other non-animal components for less of an environmental impact. Since their inception in 1924, the company has sought to use increasingly eco-friendly manufacturing and operational methods, beginning with the introduction of raw, non-processed materials. The Fabbri VEG boots were a natural next step for the eco-conscious brand.

Over a year of rigorous tests ensure the VEG boots maintain the Fabbri standard; riders of various levels, ages, and in different climatic conditions put the newly conceived boots through their paces. In typical Fabbri fashion, the VEG boots are resistant to stress and exceptional comfortable. Because of their synthetic materials and construction, they are more difficult to damage and easier to clean. The vegan leather, a result of many years of research and development, allows for air flow and has antimicrobial properties.

Ordering Fabbri’s VEG boots is as simple as ordering their Pro Boot or custom Fabbris. With an estimated 20-25 days of manufacturing time, Fabbri riders typically receive their boots within three weeks, including custom orders. With fitters and retailers on four continents and shipping worldwide, getting the world’s first vegan riding boot couldn’t be easier.

Each Fabbri boot is crafted in Italy through a traditional, handworked system. Fabbri’s principal technical characteristic is adaptability. Each sole is cut either to custom specifications or with the intent of molding to the rider’s foot, so that each boot settles perfectly and immediately to the shape and movement of the leg, heel, and foot of the rider. Even on non-custom orders, Fabbri’s sole stands apart: cut thinner than a standard, off the rack riding boot, the Fabbri soles reflect the comfort and cushioning of an athletic shoe combined with hand-stitching and strong, supple Italian leather to create the ultimate riding boot.

From international show jumping veterans like multiple Olympic medalist Nick Skelton, to rising stars in the sport like Lillie Keenan and Daisy Farish, Fabbri’s fit and performance has made them the first choice, with some of the world’s top Olympic and World Champion riders stepping into Fabbri before they step into the irons. Fabbri’s commitment to performance, luxury, and style is reflected in the achievements of its riders and a dedication to modern excellence.

For more information about Fabbri or to schedule a fitting, contact Luca Proscia at luca@stivalifabbri.it or 561 460 2473.

For more information on Fratelli Fabbri, their line of handcrafted Italian boots, or their sponsored riders, visit the Fabbri website at https://stivalifabbri.it/ or follow them on Facebook (@fabbriboots) and Instagram (@fabbriboots).

Holly Johnson

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